Jun 5, 2017
I will share the all information about seat cover I know, from seat cover's price as a customer.

I work at FH Group international Inc since 2/25/2017 as a SEO Manager, I have been in touch with seat cover almost 4 month, I still don't know a lot of things about seat cover, like which seat cover could be works with F-150. my supervisor told me "half of universal seat cover works truck seat cover." that's what I know so far. This wasn't the first manufacturing company I have been worked, different like other Employee, I'd like to spend more time with company's product, to find out Pros and Cons, and what's different our brand and others.  Like my other article mentioned "The seat cover you paid for what you get", I can not ask spend $1 to get $100 value's product. But We can pay for most valuable product.  Such as how much will cost between "100K brand bag" and "500K brand bag"? I believe the cost for for bag won't over 10K, it could be 1K or even less. so why those bags cost so much, marketing, design and brand is always the reason.

400K dollars bag's quality maybe not good than 1K dollars bag's from another brand.  it's all about brand, people consider product's quality through price as usually. let me make a real example that happen to me, I opened a web develop in 2010, for simple website, my price for 1 website is $300. pretty cheap, right. but the sales is too bad. because another website develop company offer as low as $88 service. we both use template to build the website, the different is I'm spend money on template's website to purchase it, he's using wordpress's default free template to build it. in second month, I make a totally different service, I have $88 ,  $300 and $3000 website builder plan. sales grow up, I have 3 customer want $3000 website build service, 1 customer want $300 website build service, customer want $88 website build service.  except $88 website builder service,  $300 and $3000 have almost same service from my way. build a website can be 10 thousands dollar or can be as low as $88.  the price marked by ourselves, in some customer's mind "the most expensive will always be the best".

My friend own the cloth manufacture, The wholesale price for T-shirt could be as low as $1, same quality T-shirt in small cloth store, will be $10.   to the mall, the price will be  $25~$35. in the brand store,could be higher than $500.

The truth things happen to me , I purchase the shorts and T-shirt in chengdu's mall. Guess how much I spend for them ?   3000 Chinese dollor, equal to $500. the brand name is from french, the price in their offical website equal to dollar is $30.

The whole point I want to mark out is do you want to be the one spend $400 to purchase $20 value's product? I'm not saying our seat cover is best quality in the market, but the most valuable in the market. to check the top 5 seat cover brand's review, you would always see the bunch of bad reviews:

Not matter how the brand famous is, you could always see bunch of bad reviews. like last time, I wait for the line for TD bank service for 2 hours. my friend call "coach" for more than 2 hours, the reply to him is "customer service is in meeting".

4 years before, I own my first leather seat cushion, I purchased it in a small store in china.  the price is good and I like that seat cushion, I use it until now, I'm ready to replace my seat cushion. for other employee may purchase from other brand, but I'm the one like to purchase product from my company. like I purchase scarf and hat from https://8pmshop.com  and purchase iPhone LCD screen from https://uwlcd.com,  so this time I will purchase seat cover from FH Group(own company's name) .

I know our company's quality, because there's sample in showroom, I can touch it and sit on it. if you're near to Secaucus,  come here to make a visit will be a good idea. And I know more I used my product, I will know more pros and cons about our products, So I can give some advice to my supervisor to make our product better.

I will purchase or leather seat cushion or leather seat cover, it's all depends on how many time I need to spend on it, for the people like me don't like to spend more times on it, the leather seat cushion would always be the good idea.

The price would never be the problem, I sell product's on Amazon, Walmart, Sears, overstock.com, home depot, jet, Rakuten, eBay, Newegg, Groupon, tanga and more.

Amazon, Groupon, Walmart would always provide low price with same product, In official website, we have bunch of discount that you can use, Weekly deal and clearance for selected seat cover and more.

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May 16, 2017
Before we purchase car seat cover, we always have a lot of question, such as where can i buy seat covers?

Before we purchase car seat cover, we always have a lot of question, such as where can i buy seat covers? where can i buy car seat covers?where to buy car seat covers online?

We could purchase car seat cover from Amazon, Walmart, Sears, overstock, Home Dept, Jet, Rakuten, Ebay, Newegg, Groupon, Tanga, Etsy and more.

You can also find the list of products from Google product aslo, brand seat cover website.

That's answer the FAQ in the internet about seat cover below:

where to find seat covers?

1. Online,2. retail store,3. brand seat cover's location.

Online I make a list on the top already.

find walmart, Pepboy near me, you should be easy to find the location.

seat cover's location

"seat cover near me" in Google, You will find some manufacture, go to their location that you can check the material, design and more face to face and don't worry about the picture are so much different than the regular one.

where can I buy seat covers for my car?

There's three type of seat cover can fit your car.

custom fit seat cover.
semi-custom fit seat cover.
universal fit seat cover.

From top to bottom, seat cover will be much hard than the last one to install it. and much cheaper than before. The more you want to save, the more times you have to use in your seat cover in mostly time.

Spills and Grime

No one plans on fumbling a 40 ounce beverage right into their lap while barreling down the freeway, but it happens. As drinks keep getting larger and larger, the potential damage keeps growing and growing. Besides sticky sodas and scalding coffees, on-the-go meals are a car seat's worst nightmare. That overstuffed burrito hanging out of your jaws is like a Sword of Damocles, looming disastrously over your upholstery and threatening a permanent stain with every succulent chomp. Not to mention soiled clothing, tracked-in mud and salty back sweat. Luckily, a snug set of seat covers will bear the brunt of any spillage and grime you can toss at it.


Whether you're driving home from an outing at the local pool, a kayaking trip or an endless summer's day of surfing, the moisture in your clothing can lead to serious problems for your upholstery. Moisture is especially problematic for residents of the drizzly Pacific Northwest and other wet zones. Leather's worst enemy is water. When it gets wet, it becomes tacky to the touch - a sign that the leather's natural oils are being washed out. Cloth seating is also prone to damage from moisture. When water seeps into factory-installed fabrics, it can fester and grow into ugly, stinky, disgusting mold. Never fear; our seat covers come in a wide selection of materials with varying degrees of water resistance to protect your interior.

I found the list of questions below is almost same to the top I have mentioned.

where to buy seat covers for car
where to buy seat covers for trucks
where to buy seat covers for your car
where to buy truck seat covers
where to find car seat covers
where to get car seat covers
where to buy seat covers
where to get seat covers
where can I find seat covers for my car

Should I buy airbag-compatible seat cover for my car?

Don't buy the seat cover is better than buy the seat cover none airbag-compatible seat cover, I think nothing is more important than safe when we drive.

what kind of customer must purchase seat cover?

I mean before you sell your used car, put the new seat cover, floor mats on, It will make your car's interior looks so much better.

Protect your car by seat cover, Your car seats face a number of perils, including:

Kids and pets

Kids and pets are always the problem, I can not do too much about them, pee and shit is disaster for the original cloth seat cover.

Pros and Cons with add seat cover to your car.

I have mentioned too much about Pros for adding seat cover to your car,So let's focus on Cons for adding seat cover to your car. There's list of Cons with add seat cover to your car from internet.

1. not safe, none airbag-compatible.

     As said on the top, If you purchase the seat cover with airbag-compatible, that won't be the problem.

2. In the car accident, the external car seat cover easy to fire.

    Buy the High quality seat cover, that won't be the problem,

3. Toxic smell.
 Will be the same answer in the top, if purchase high quality seat cover, that won't be the problem.

4.make car's ugly, every car are made by professional designer, cheap quality seat cover fits to perfect design, it won't looks good.
  Every cloth is made by professional design, did every body like them.  Even the original seat cover, what do you think how much car manufacture will spend on this seat covers? I purchased the card for 20K~50K.  they have to earn 20% after paid tax, advertising fee and more. In china, they even try to save 100 chinese dollar on seat belt. my point is your seat cover quality won't be that good as you think.

For the top 3 Cons to add seat cover for your car.

   1. upgrade the cloth seat cover to the leather seat cover.

   2. design your car's interior by your own

   3. make your car looks new again.

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